The Big O on Where Carmelo Should Go



During an interview on Spike Lee’s SirusXM show recently, legendary basketball Hall of Famer, Oscar Robertson said that if he was Carmelo Anthony, he would leave New York today, and head to Houston. (To read why he said that Melo should leave New York, there is a link at the end of this story.) He says that Lebron and KD can’t outshoot Carmelo, and that’s why if he went to Houston, they would win everything. But there’s a big hole in that reasoning. James Harden can outshoot him, and that’s not a good thing. Russell Westbrook putting up just as many shots as Kevin Durant isn’t working out well in Thunderland. And what is Dwight Howard supposed to be doing while Carmelo has the ball in the post or on the wing? Hmmm, you might want to redo the math on that one Oscar. Anyway, no disrespect intended. You are still the only player to have ever averaged a triple-double for an entire NBA season. But I’m going to have to disagree with you on this one.

Now the team that I think he should go to, is the Bulls. And let me just state for the record, that my team is the Bulls. But my opinion is in no way slanted because that’s my team. I will prove just why I feel that Chicago is the best place for Carmelo Anthony if he wants to win a ring, or as the Big O says, “win everything”. Right now, the Bulls are just a scorer away from legitimately competing for a title. And that’s without Derrick Rose. What better scorer to get in this year’s free-agent market, than Carmelo Anthony. But if Derrick Rose can come back and be even half the player he was, they would win a title. There is no doubt in my mind about that!

Oscar Robertson said that Carmelo should go to Houston. But let me just give you this scenario. What is Howard doing while Carmelo has the ball on the elbow, or even in the post? Probably getting in rebounding position. Well I’ll tell you what Joakim Noah is doing. He’ll be at the top of the key, waiting for a pass, to make a pass or if it’s open, drive to the basket. Joe has proven this season, that he is great at both of those. And what is James Harden doing? Begging for the ball to be passed back out to him, that’s if he passed it to Melo in the first place. I don’t know, maybe it would work in Houston. But there couldn’t be any selfish play, which I’ve seen a lot of from Harden. Wherever he goes, I do hope that Carmelo wins a title. I believe that Carmelo is a good player, who has gotten a bad rep from some people. He lead Syracuse to a title. So he already has something that Lebron or KD never will. (source:

Written by Pennie Beasley

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