Jump On Board The Fantasy Football Train


Although an avid sports fan, for years I shied away from playing fantasy football, because I simply didn’t understand it. Not only did I not understand it, but I truly had no idea what it was. That is until about seven years ago, when I decided to just jump in with both feet and joined a random public league on ESPN. Fantasy football is an interactive competition in which participants (owners) select imaginary teams from among the real players of the NFL and score points according to the actual performance of their players. After the draft, and it’s just as exciting as the real one, actions you can take to manage your team, are adding or dropping a player, trading, and adjusting your roster every week to give you the best chance to win your matchup, or game, of that week. 

In 1997, CBS launched the beta version of the first publicly available free fantasy football website. But there is a great history behind the beginnings of fantasy football, and it all started in Oakland in 1962, offline of course. There are many different sites that offer free fantasy football: Yahoo, ESPN, NFL, CBS, FOX. You can compete in a league just for fun, or one for money. But the goal of this article is just to get more people involved. I am a commissioner in one of the three leagues that I am in this year. I refuse to do more than three. I have found that that just works best for me. I try to recruit newbies and offer my assistance, if needed, so they don’t have to be like I was that first year. I signed up, and I know this is going to sound silly, but I didn’t even know I had a choice in the draft. So my entire team was auto-picked. Then I didn’t know I could adjust my rosters. But even still, I believe that I ended up in the middle of the pack, imagine that. The next year, I vowed to get more knowledgeable about it. I had more fun. I can’t remember if I faired any better, but it was entertainment. And that’s what it’s supposed to be.

Although my league’s draft has already occurred, if you believe that you would be interested in joining it next year, hit me up on Twitter @7millicent. And meanwhile, if you’ve never played before, do like I did and just join a random league on one of the sites I listed above. However, don’t do like I did, actually attempt to manage your team. I hope that this information has been useful, and has taken some of the shadow away from what fantasy football is.


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