Wrigley Shield

Wrigley Shield

They’re over at Wrigley Field celebrating its 100th anniversary today. That’s all well and good, but folks like Ernie Banks is slowing up progress. Saying that it’s gonna be around for another hundred years. Well I just hope that the Cubs aren’t playing in it for another 100 years! You want a team to win? You give it new facilities, with new locker rooms, and everything else ballplayers need to make them feel comfortable. I’m for destroying & rebuilding. Can you imagine what they’d get for the bricks and seats alone? Enough to help finance the building of the new Wrigley Field right there on Clark & Addison. But I’m afraid, that may never happen, and ole Ernie Banks is probably right. Well then, it’s time to move to Palatine! Turn it into a museum or something.


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