The Bears have re-signed Quarterback Jay Cutler, who become a free-agent after the last game of this season, to a 7-year deal that will keep him in Chicago through the 2020 season. Yeah, seems like a long time. The first three years are guaranteed and rumored to be worth $54 million, or $18 million/per. I thought that with Josh McCown’s great play, the Bears would use that to their advantage in negotiations with Jay. Obviously that didn’t happen. So many clubs are so anxious to say that they have found their “Franchise Quarterback”, that they back the Brinks truck up. In my opinion, they could have gotten him for way less, like $15mil/per. If you haven’t won a Superbowl, your team shouldn’t be paying you as if you have. Paying someone a lot of money isn’t incentive to be great. You’re either great or your not. Money doesn’t improve play, it increases pressure and expectations. I hope you can handle that Jay, it’s what comes with the deal. Just ask Tony Romo. I just hope that this deal doesn’t hinder the Bears ability to go after a couple of impact defensive free-agents. And please, change your number from 6 to 7. It would be befitting now.

(Here is a list of the top paid quarterbacks in the league. Compare for yourself, how does Jay stack up? <; )


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