Open Letter To Roger Goodell

Dear Mr. Goodell,


This letter is about the quality of football being played on Thursday nights. It sucks! You, and the NFL, claim that you care about player safety. Yet you are asking them to play a football game on 3 days rest. In all levels of sports, pee-wee, high school, college, and the pros, for as long as time, football has been a game that was played only once a week. I brought this subject up in a Facebook sports group that I’m in. One person argued, that after a team plays on Thursday night, they have nine days off. As I told them, that to me, doesn’t outweigh having players play on only three days rest, as opposed to five or six. Two games that really got people on Twitter pointing out the poor quality of Thursday night games, was the game between the Jets and the Patriots in week 2, and the Chiefs-Eagles game in week 3. Many even said, that they were gonna find something better to do with their Thursday nights.

I cannot take full credit for the solution I am about to propose. Part of it goes to @MitchKwik. Through synergy, we came up with the following idea: You can still have a Thursday Night game to kick off the season, players are fresh out of camp, and fans are clamoring for some action. But after that, we, the fans have gotten our fill of football, and are good. We don’t necessarily need football in our life three nights a week. And if you’re a fan of college football, four.

Anyway, you can bring Thursday Night Football back in Week 5. And guess what two teams will play in that game? Two teams that had bye weeks in Week 4. Good idea, right! The quality of football is sure to improve and Thursday nights have more of a chance to become, ANY GIVEN THURSDAY. Because as it is now, a lessor team has little or no chance of beating a stronger opponent on 3 days rest. I hope that you take our idea into consideration. We are more than just people who watch football. We are fans, who have invested years of our lives to it, and feel like we may know a thing or two about how to keep it the great game we have grown to know to love. Thanking you in advance for your consideration.


Pennie Beasley

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