Image I made a promise in 2010 after the Dumdecision, that if the Heat won, I would quit watching NBA basketball altogether. The only thing that kept me as a fan, was Dallas winning. I don’t know how I feel right now. People believe I hate. No, I just don’t see a point in giving my time to a league where every player wants to be on the team with the best chance to win. What’s the point in that? What ever happened to competition!? So what you might not get a ring, but your integrity will still be intact! Which is why I took such delight, when John Wall and DeMarcus Cousins Kentucky team lost in the NCAA Championship. Now NBA Basketball is changed forever, because of one man’s decision. Players are clamoring to posse up to improve their chances of one day winning a chip. Which is why, other than my Bulls, the team I would really like to see win next year, would be the Oklahoma City Thunder. They were built the right way, through the draft, trades and developing players.


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