Image I made a promise in 2010 after the Dumdecision, that if the Heat won, I would quit watching NBA basketball altogether. The only thing that kept me as a fan, was Dallas winning. I don’t know how I feel right now. People believe I hate. No, I just don’t see a point in giving my time to a league where every player wants to be on the team with the best chance to win. What’s the point in that? What ever happened to competition!? So what you might not get a ring, but your integrity will still be intact! Which is why I took such delight, when John Wall and DeMarcus Cousins Kentucky team lost in the NCAA Championship. Now NBA Basketball is changed forever, because of one man’s decision. Players are clamoring to posse up to improve their chances of one day winning a chip. Which is why, other than my Bulls, the team I would really like to see win next year, would be the Oklahoma City Thunder. They were built the right way, through the draft, trades and developing players.


No 2013 MLB Hall of Famers

On November 28, 2012, eligible members of the Baseball Writers’ Association of America were given a ballot with 37 candidates eligible to be voted into the illustrious Baseball Hall of Fame! A player had to get a “Yes” vote from 75% of these writers to be selected for induction into the Hall of Fame (Class of 2013), the paramount of a major leaguers career! You wanna know how many they voted in? Not a one. That just about sums up how the BBWAA feels about “The Steroid Era”.


Of the 37 candidates, there were 13 returnees and 24 newcomers. There were the usual suspects. Roger Clemens, first time on the ballot, and a surefire first-ballot Hall of Famer before that scandal in Washington right? Nope, 38%. Can you believe we spent tax-payers dollars for that. That’s about as bad as the test the Department of Defense used to run to determine how long it takes ketchup to leave a new Heinz 57 bottle. And remember the year Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire went back and forth for the home run title? Exciting times right? Well, with 13 and 17% of the vote respectfully, they can forgetaboutit. And I’m almost sure that after seven years, Mark McGwire wishes that they would just remove his name from the ballot altogether. Unless he believes that one day, the steroids issue will become a mute point. I doubt it, especially with the recent performance-enhancing drug scandal involving the Biogenesis Clinic.

Many believe a turning point in how you are judged for The Hall, steroids or not, will be when Alex Rodriquez becomes eligible. A-Rod admitted in 2009 that he had used PEDs in the past. And he is the central figure in MLB’s Biogenesis investigation. That’s way down the line though, he’s still under contract with the Yankees for the next 100 million years, I mean dollars. Which brings to mind this question. Should a major league baseball team or any professional sports team, be able to void a player’s contract if they test positive for performance enhancing drugs?

(BTW, the player with the highest percentage of votes, was Craig Biggio at 68%. A catcher, later turned 2nd baseman this was his first time on the ballot. He had a stella career spending it all with the Houston Astros and collecting 3,060 hits.)