No Westbrook, Ut Oh!!!


Oklahoma City Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook injured his knee in Game 2 of the Thunder’s playoff series against the Houston Rockets on Wednesday. He has a torn meniscus in his right knee that will require surgery and will be out indefinitely. The surgery has not been scheduled yet, so a timetable for his return is undetermined. Westbrook, known for his durability, has never missed a game in his 5 year NBA career.

This is the same injury, and around the same time (playoffs), that did Brandon Roy’s career in. He tried to come back too soon (8 days) after the surgery, when the doctors said that he should be out at least 3 weeks. I remember thinking at that time what a big mistake Roy was making, and it proved to be right. So I hope that Westbrook is careful, and thinks long term.

The loss of Westbrook may be a hard thing for the Thunder to overcome. While they may get past Houston in the first round, I don’t see them making it to the Western Conference Finals without him.


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