NBA on MLK Day!


As we celebrate and honor the birth of a man and his legacy today, I am reminded of just how Dr. Martin Luther King struggled to bring equality to all men. And as our 45th President, Barack Obama, a black man, is inaugurated today for the 2nd time, I see that that equality has been reached. The NBA has blessed us sports fans with a slew of games and good match ups today. It is my hope, that the players, which are overwhelmingly predominantly Black, continue to show pride, respect and a thankfulness for people like Dr. Martin Luther King and Pres. Barack Obama. Now on to the match ups:

Pacers – Grizzles (ESPN)

Kings – Hornets

Rockets – Bobcats

Timberwolves – Hawks

Nets – Knicks (NBATV)

Clippers – Warriors

Spurs – 76ers (TNT)

Lakers – Bulls (TNT)

Wizards – Trail Blazers

Now the games start early 12ET, so grab a seat and enjoy. I am most interested in, of course, my Bulls and the Lakers, and the Clippers-Warriors game. But like I said, all of the games are going to be good. So enjoy the day off, and do something to honor Dr. Martin Luther King in someway today!

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