Coach Thibs, What Were You Thinking!?!


Like me last night, I think that everyone in the sports world was wondering, Why was Joakim Noah not in the game for the majority of the 2nd half and overtime against the Memphis Grizzles? I didn’t pay full attention for the beginning of the second half, I believe I was still eating my dinner. But after our rally and when we got that three point lead with 1:32 to go, I just assumed that you were going to put Noah in. It stayed on my mind, as I watched Memphis come back and tie the score following THREE, I repeat, three offensive rebounds. Then when I saw Naz come in after Taj fouled out in overtime, I thought that something must be the matter with Joe. Because although my eyes weren’t glued to the screen, blowouts tend to make this happen, I knew he couldn’t have fouled out that soon. Anyway, after the game, I checked the box score, he only had two fouls. Then I worried, did I miss something, did he get injured. I had seen him on the bench near the close of the game, he didn’t seem like anything was wrong with him. Now, I was forced to watch the local news, plus I had a Twitter buddy waiting for an update. Anyway, the first thing that the sportscaster said, was that Joakim was in the Doghouse for throwing a bad pass. They even showed it. It was on a break. Now I’m ok with you sending the message, but if you had taken that same approach with Jimmy Butler, then he wouldn’t have thrown it away at least a second or third time. Anyway, that isn’t the point. The point is, Joe may very well be the best thing the Bulls have going right now, even on the fastbreak. (And oh yeah, did you use that bounce pass that Jimmy tried to make to Boozer on the fastbreak as a teachable moment? It should’ve been in the air.) Anyway, I’m sure you liked it when Joe feed Rip on the break for a layup early in the game. How soon we forget. We, the fans will forget, just don’t do that again!!!


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