Not A Good Look Johnny!


Sure he’s 20 years old, and was at a casino in Oklahoma where you only have to be 18+ to enter. But if you want to win another Heisman Johnny, then I suggest that you tone it down, not just a bit, but a lot! Otherwise, you are seriously putting in danger your chance of becoming only the second player in history, to be a two-time Heisman winner. (RB Archie Griffith is the other one.) Now, you have at least 2-3 years to live this down. I’m sure that you believe and others may say, what I do in my personal life has nothing to do with what goes on on the field. But this is college, and it’s all about perception. Sure there was a rumor that Cam Newton may have gotten money in college, but there was no proof. But here you are Johnny, with proof in hand flashing it for all the world to see. The NCAA is probably gonna be watching you a little more closely. Because like me, they probably aren’t buying that you got this lucky from spending some allowance or per diem money. Just like the NFL, the NCAA has an image that it wants to project, and a student-athlete gambling isn’t it.

[2012 Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel posted this picture on Instagram. But after criticism took it down, and sent out a tweet indicating where he was, and telling people to “KEEP HATING!”] But this is the internet, once it’s out there, it’s out there!

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